Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bronx Elevated Train Stations - 1

Built in the 1900's through 1920's, Bronx elevated IRT Stations were serious about trains flying over track far above the ground. They featured massive tan bricks over light tan cement, and columns like those of an aqueduct. At the time subways seemed to rocket through their underground Manhattan lairs, then shoot up at Jackson Ave. through thick air to become els in light and messy sparkle. Even now, between West Farms and 180th, the 2 train, now an el, still curves to reveal buildings, streets and other trains, as well as people, at angles and panoramas as wide as shock. It's as if you see ten miles and two centuries revealed in kaleidoscopic mini-drama and all the shades of ground and sky you can encompass and possibly some that you can't. Then, at 180th, many tracks come together and trains glide straight in. If you get off to change, you can feel the Zoo not far off and all sorts of old quiet in stations never completely demolished that give unexpected pleasures in wood.

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