Sunday, August 23, 2015

Frannie's Bed and Breakfast on Muliner

Frannie's Bed and Breakfast on Muliner I'd serve bagels with lox, cream cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and slices of onion (someone else would peel the onion). Sour pickles. Whitefish, herring. Cheese danish, breakfast buns. Fresh squeezed orange juice. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate. New York Times in print to spread over the table in sections. Then I'd take guests to sit on the Parkway. Later, we'd take the train all the way to Queens and then the 44 bus back so they could sparkle into rivers of light over the Whitestone. To bed, removing cabbage rose cotton spreads on white cotton sheets. Parkway traffic would splay shadow monsters on the walls until 2 AM. Good night. Sleep very tight. No bedbugs. Open window. Wind from the trees. A short flight back. No seat belts. Just mind-years.

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