Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Yortsayt II: Dialogue with my Mom

Yortsayt II: Dialogue with my Mom "Wear the brown dress with the trim." "But it exposes my chest too much." "So what? They won't see your bust." "But it's sort of fancy for Yom Kippur." "People wear all sorts of things at those programs. This looks so nice on you." "But Ma, I thought I should wear something more dignified." "Dignified? It is plenty dignified. Besides, you're reading the part I read for years." "So you want me to represent you in this elaborate dress?" "For once in your life, you'll be fashionable. Is that so terrible?" "Yes, but if you think I should, I will. After all, I'm reading what you read and following in your steps." "Fine." "Thanks for your help." "You are welcome."

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